Benefits of Leasing Program

This is a great option for you if you want to change out the artwork in a space monthly, quarterly, bi annually or whenever you want to change it out. Residential, hospitality or commercial spaces, leasing my work will add to the ambiance of ultramodern and create a feeling of energy in your space.

Here are just a few additional benefits:

  • Cost can be a tax write off as an expense
  • No obligation to purchase but you can if you want to
  • No storage costs or concerns
  • Affordable
  • You can curate a show or a look
  • Flexible payments
  • I’m easy to work with-professional, reliable and experienced
Private Office
Private Office
Private Office
Private Office

Ideas and Thoughts for Leased Paintings

Why not have a painting in the hallway(s), lobby, bathroom, reception area, conference room(s), mail room, a private office(s), entry area(s), elevator lobby(s)?

Got an event or temporary rental space? Shared work space? My work can easily fill a large wall(s) as well as a bookshelf, yes a bookshelf.  I have small paintings that can stand up on their own.


Choose from completed inventory that’s ready to hang.  I have multiple sizes available with several palette choices.  After selecting your paintings, a signed contract and one month lease payment is due on delivery. The current rate is 8% of the retail price monthly. Thereafter, payments will be due per the term of the contract. Should you decide to purchase any or all of the paintings selected, the lease payments will be considered towards the purchase price. I am available to help with placement but hanging the paintings themselves will be your responsibility.  I do have connections with people that hang paintings for a living and they are very affordable.

Private Office
Private Office

Get Started

Review the galleries on my website or contact me to schedule a studio visit to see my paintings in person.

Then we can talk about the terms and get your project going.

I fall in love with the painting again every time I look at it.

I’m thrilled to have original Lisa Daniel art in my home. It makes me happy to see it every day and I honestly think it uplevels the whole look of the room.

- Jennifer Crego
Private Collector