open house

OPEN HOUSE No date to save (arrrggg!) but I hear, yet again, the elevator is close to getting repaired. I have heard this before and mentioned it before in this newsletter but I am putting it out to the universe….I want to have you in the studio and I need that elevator. I want you…

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Getting sprung

Embrace 1

EMBRACE New work springing up everywhere! This painting will eventually have a composition that I found in an older sketch book that I couldn’t pass up. Every once in a while I look at the older sketch books. Some I wonder why I save and others I just love….glad that I save them all. You…

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Love & Vincent

Love Vincent 1

MYSTERY Wet…another rose gold pour. You never know how pink or how gold it will end up until after the pour dries. Love the mystery. This color continues to impress me.

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March 2019


What a great month!!!  Went to San Diego to visit family and had the best time ever.  I have been there many times over the years and can honestly say that this visit was the first time it rained almost every single day.  Besides spending precious time with my family, the silver lining? I got…

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February 2019

February 2019

Gotta love snow in the Pacific NW!  We were hit with a really good bit of it this month.  I was fortunate enough not to lose power and got to enjoy the beauty of it all.  Attended a neighborhood snowball fight at Wright’s Park in Tacoma-within walking distance.  What fun! I was also fortunate enough…

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January 2019

Jan2019 featured e1552413600146

Word of the year….KABOOM!   The year ahead looks very exciting and full of wow!  I always love the start of a new year. It’s like a do over, a start new, clean slate kind of thing.  I am really energized with the prospect of what’s ahead. I attended the much anticipated Tacoma Art Museum Benaroya…

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December 2018

carolers 1

As a City of Fife Public Art Commissioner, I get to participate in fun events.  At the tree lighting ceremony early this month, the arts commission sponsored the Dickens Carolers!  There were 4 singers dressed in Victorian clothes singing Christmas carols. They were fantastic! It added such a nice touch to the event.  The tree…

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Grateful. I put the studio back together this month.  After all the events in October, I can start painting again.  I have 6 new paintings in the works. Am in love with a metallic blue at the moment!  Also have some unusual combinations of colors I normally wouldn’t put together. I wanted to push some…

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October 2018

5 minutes before the tour starts

So many exciting things happened this month!!!! Completed commission I finally delivered the last few paintings to Percival Plaza.  Feels good to complete this project for a number of reasons…..first and foremost, the client is happy!  Always the objective! Second, the paintings look good in the environment (it’s awesome to see them on the wall…

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Sept 2018

photo shoot 3rd floor paintings 1

The commission for Percival Plaza is almost done! We installed 11 paintings on the 3rd floor. Had some help with my marvelous cousin Maren (who was visiting from Germany!), the contractor Kelly and the property manager, Shannon. It was such a joy to see the paintings on the wall and not on the studio floor.…

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