BLUE One of my favorite albums of all time,’Kind of Blue’ by Miles Davis-playing it right now in the studio.  I cannot seem to get away from blue recently. I’ve got no less than 5 paintings currently on the floor that have some kind of blue in them. Digging this blue and gold on black!

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Definitely monumental 1

BACK IN THE STUDIO Feels so good to be in the studio. Love this silver. I am so inspired by my trip to Germany! I brought back a whole new spirit to work with, am more energized and spurred by everything that I saw and felt. I did post on Facebook everyday about my trip,…

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FEELS MONUMENTAL The first pour always feels monumental! A new adventure. A new challenge. Exciting! That blank canvas calling my name-outloud. 3 in a row, silver on black. Loads of texture and metallic!

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another 5 footer begins.

ANOTHER 5 FOOTER BEGINS Blue it is….beginning another 5 foot painting. Trying a new texture. We will see what happens. Love the size! Go big or go home….

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open house

OPEN HOUSE No date to save (arrrggg!) but I hear, yet again, the elevator is close to getting repaired. I have heard this before and mentioned it before in this newsletter but I am putting it out to the universe….I want to have you in the studio and I need that elevator. I want you…

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IN THE BEGINNING Five years ago this month I moved into my current studio. Hard to believe it’s been that long since I walked through these doors for the first time. Photo on the left is an interior shot. The photo on the right is an exterior shot. If you’ve been to the studio you…

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Getting sprung

Embrace 1

EMBRACE New work springing up everywhere! This painting will eventually have a composition that I found in an older sketch book that I couldn’t pass up. Every once in a while I look at the older sketch books. Some I wonder why I save and others I just love….glad that I save them all. You…

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Love & Vincent

Love Vincent 1

MYSTERY Wet…another rose gold pour. You never know how pink or how gold it will end up until after the pour dries. Love the mystery. This color continues to impress me.

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New & Fresh

newfresh 1

NEW Black gesso going on a new canvas. Poured it on extra thick to create additional texture. Might take a while to dry. This palette will be metallic gold. Way to start a new year!

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Frosty 1

GOLD Another painting getting started. This paint bucket has a white gold in it and I am mixing it with a lovely blob of iridescent white coarse. The iridescent white comes in fine and coarse. The coarse version creates more texture which is exactly what I want. Gives a kinda frosty look.

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