Too damn hot


SCORCHER It is too damn hot here in the Pacific Northwest. We are in the middle of a drought, record breaking heat-triple digits. Not in our comfort zone to be sure. But I am working in the studio, cooler than outdoors, on this painting. Cant go wrong with a metallic red background. My texture keeps…

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Never enough gold

a new gold

A NEW GOLD Loving halo pink gold. Cannot get enough of this color. It pours beautifully, it’s creamy, full of pigment and dries with a pink tint. I look & find paint in all kinds of stores other than and in addition to the art supply stores. You never know what you can find on…

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5 footer

5 Footer The beauty of having more space in the studio is working on larger pieces. This beauty is a 5 footer. So nice to have the room to get around it and work comfortably. There is something to be said about the area in which you create, the environment affects the work. Strongly believe…

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Four years


DIPTYCH Working on a diptych of silver and turquoise. For those of you who do not know what a diptych is, it is a work of art in 2 pieces. I really like working in multiples or a series of paintings. I can work out my ideas across all of the pieces. Going to add…

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IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS Doing a great deal of contemplating lately…on a number of topics. Relating to painting, I decided to recycle. Reuse and repurpose a canvas that was completed but I wanted to change it up. Completely covered it up with white gesso (gesso is a primer) and oooh lala! A fantastic surface…

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Love love love

Blue Prints

BLUEPRINTS A friend has sent me several sets of commercial & residential blueprints from the 50’s & 60’s. They were going to be tossed but she saved them and shared them! Love the blue. Starting to use them in a series of rust backgrounds and other mixed media. This particular painting has collaged pieces of…

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Cheers to 2021

needs a title

PROGRESS 2021 is already making progress. So many things have happened in the world in the first few weeks that have passed us by. Take it as a positive or a negative but I lean on the positive-I am an eternal optimist. This painting is also making progress. Almost done. Needs a title-got any ideas?

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FIRST POURS Blank canvas makes me drool, literally. That empty canvas is so full of ideas-I just can’t stand it! Mixing the paint, looking at the canvas, preparing the palette and the composition in my head, looking at the canvas again (how lucky am I!) and then, the first pour. That feeling when you open…

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nothing like gold

NOTHING LIKE GOLD Metallics are always on my mind. Truly. Nothing like it. Gold is one of my favorites. So many different golds, love and use them all. Such a warm color. Can’t seem to get away from it-it is my comfort zone.

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