Hot Daze

back in the studio

Back in the Studio!! The water leak is fixed, a wall has been replaced but no damage to the studio itself.  So happy to be pouring again.  I have my studio floor covered with works in progress.  Thinking about a new series of paintings-working with blueprints.  More info as that develops-shout out to M.M. for…

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Make Hay While the Sun Shines


Making Hay Making hay is a beautiful thing. Love this view at my Dad’s place. The phrase ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ comes from the idea of making the most of one’s opportunities while you have the chance. So I’m making hay while the sun is out. People who live in the NW know…

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Almost There

Photo A

It’s Not Easy Being Green Green has been on my mind.  Not a color I usually use but it’s been showing up lately.  Pushing my palette is a good thing.  Change it up.  Makes me think about different combinations of color.  I love this dark rich green and copper.  Shout out to my cousin for…

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detail michael

Experimenting This photo is a detail of a painting I am working on with water slide decals. I’ve been experimenting with these decals for some time and decided to start a small series of paintings. More to come as the series develops. Also working with stencils-who knew? Really giving the paintings more 3D effects. It…

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Lucky Duck

purple painting that needs a title

Title? This painting is completed with the exception of a title….got any ideas?  I like to have shindigs with my family and friends in the studio to help me title my work.  I love hearing titles from other people-it’s very inspiring.  Obviously I can’t have a shindig right now.  Titles are an important part of…

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A Moment in Time

pink pour 2

Life Will Get Better It’s only a moment in time….but what a moment it is in our human history. Being quarantined for an artist is normal. We usually create solo. I enjoy the solitude. But the one thing right now that is very different is the worry. About finances, about loved ones, about getting sick,…

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Love Notes

20200221 170947

Love is Everywhere Love is in the air! It’s everywhere. It’s in my studio for sure. Working on a red painting that has me twitterpated. Layering with skins…thin layers of medium that are poured flat on a surface, then dried and applied to the canvas. Pouring paint in between the layers. Loving the effect it…

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A New Year

reflection 600

Januarys are for Reflection A new year is here. 2020-a year of promise. And a new decade on top of a new year! Love it! A new year always feels so good to me. Like a do-over, a clean slate, another chance to get it right as Oprah says. To me, January’s are for reflection.…

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May 2019

May featuredimage

Still painting the commission for Percival Plaza…about halfway there!  Cannot wait to see this project hanging in the building with the other paintings. Took a short trip to the ocean with friends this month.  What a joy! I can’t get enough of the ocean-it is so peaceful.  Had great scenery, great food and even better…

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April 2019

April featuredimage2

Painting away on the last half of the Percival Plaza project.  The studio has 15 canvas’ all in various states of completion. Progress! I attended a great event this month, The Path of Sculptors.  A lecture of panelists at the Frye Art Museum who discussed the sculptors life and work.  Fascinating to learn the thought…

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